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Wireless-icon-e1449702012821Wireless has become a requirement instead of an option for businesses. It can be argued that the ability to be connected through a device anywhere, anytime has absolutely transformed the way we all interact and communicate and 2Evolve Technologies would agree. Businesses have seen the benefits of giving their employees the flexibility of mobility and seen the benefits of freeing their workers from the confines of an office or set location when it comes to propulsion of business ideas and develop of solutions.

One of the most important things to remember when you begin discussing the availability of wireless connections to either laptops, phones or other mobile devices is the security associated with this ubiquitous access.

  • Can you ensure secure connections with no lapse in data protection?
  • Is your foundation prepared to offer both employees and guest’s access?
  • How will the concept or practice of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD)?
    • Tablets, smart phones and other devices?
    • What if they are not corporate issued devices?
    • How will you manage their access corporate data?
    • What if you need to wipe or the device is lost/stolen?
  • Have you developed company-wide usage polices for both corporate and personal uses?

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