Bring your company together with messaging, calls, online meetings, and file sharing all in one solution.

sfb-graphicA Unified Communications strategy is not only important, it is essential to compete and gain a competitive advantage in today’s economy. 2Evolve Technologies’ Unified Communications and Voice Over IP (VoIP) solutions are uniquely designed to address the challenges your organization faces. Whether you have a mobile workforce, multiple locations, presentation and conferencing requirements, or a necessity for highly integrated tools, 2Evolve Technologies has the solutions and expertise to meet your optimal business functionality.

Employees, business partners, vendors, and customers communicate and collaborate with each other through a wide variety of methods including voice, e-mail, fax, voice messaging, instant messaging and conferencing. Without Unified Communications, these communication tools are not always used effectively. The result can be a disruption in communications that can delay business decision processes, reduce productivity, and negatively affect revenues and profits.

Skype-for-Business-logo-FI2Evolve Technologies consolidates an overall communications strategy by cutting through the hype and hyperbole. We have addressed Unified Communications and VoIP for over a decade and are experts at designing and deploying a streamlined communications strategy. 2Evolve Technologies brings the ability to assess your current IT and voice infrastructure, determine how to leverage existing equipment, and implement the new resources needed to meet your specific requirements. 2Evolve Technologies focuses on targeting mid-sized and small enterprise organizations and has developed solutions that uniquely address their most daunting needs and service demands.

Our Unified Communications Solution provides:

  • Business Justification (Assessment, Business requirements, Processes, Return on Investment/Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Architecture (Design and Integration, Deployment specifications, Future-ready foundation, Project Management)
  • Data and Telecom Infrastructure (Data Networking and equipment, Telephone network, VoIP network)
  • Infrastructure (Identity, Access and Directory, Server Infrastructure, Desktop Infrastructure, Admin and Management, Security and Storage)
  • Unified Communications Infrastructure (Messaging, Voice, Conferencing, Presence)
  • Support and Management (Training, Phone Support, Break Fix, Maintenance, Monitoring and Remote Management)

2Evolve Technologies has invested heavily in a range of Unified Communication and VoIP technologies to ensure we can provide communications solutions that incorporate the best features and architecture to optimize your existing investments while drawing on a much larger set of available technologies.

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