2Evolve Technologies is a leading Microsoft Office 365 Partner and deployment expert. With 2Evolve Technologies and Office 365, you and your colleagues can work better together—anytime, anywhere.


2Evolve Technologies is a Microsoft Partner and our certifications demonstrate our leadership in delivering Office 365 and Windows 10 solutions. Our team of senior-level engineers has the expertise and experience necessary to architect and deploy your most complex Microsoft Solutions, ensuring your transition is error-free and caters to your unique needs.

2Evolve Technologies Will Guide You Through the Three Stages for Successful Office 365 Deployment

    • Planning & Assessment – Each Microsoft Office 365 deployment is unique and requires a deep knowledge of your internal environment as well as an understanding of the preferred workloads that your organization would like to utilize. 2Evolve Technologies’ Planning & Assessment stage is an in-depth deep dive that focuses on exactly how your organization functions and then matching that with the deployment strategy that best fit your needs. Our Office 365 deployment experts work with team leaders as well as users to build a project plan that is customized for your unique needs.

    • Deployment & Adoption – 2Evolve Technologies will effectively implement & deliver your Office 365 services based on your business need. Our deployment experts will enable users of Office 365 at scale and roll out peripherals. For maximum ROI, we’ll drive adoption of the service, layering in new features and capabilities as they are released to deliver rapid success and additional value to your business. With 120 years of combined experience, 2Evolve Technologies’ engineers have the expertise to execute your deployment of Office 365 effectively to enhance your organization’s business practices.
    • Operation & Management – To ensure your Office 365 deployment is successful, 2Evolve Technologies will ensure you maintain a high quality and reliable Office 365 service through a combination of monitoring, reporting, and active support of your environment. Our team of experts will monitor the service for end-to-end quality, reliability, usage, and capacity measures. As a customer, access to our 24×7 Help Desk and support team comes included in your deployment. 2Evolve Technologies will also proactively capture, triage, troubleshoot, and resolve issues, as well as escalate when needed. Each of these stages is vital to ensure a successful project journey toward Office 365.

2Evolve Technologies is a Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Expert ready to customize a deployment that fits your exact needs and aligns with your business goals!

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