Qwest Award presented to Evolving Solutions

Prestigious Qwest Award Presented to Evolving Solutions

Omaha, NE February 1st, 2010 – Evolving Solutions, a Premier Qwest Business Partner and leading voice and data consulting company, won the prestigious award given by Qwest for “Best Year-Over-Year Sales Performance, Premier Master Partner.”  

“We are very proud of this accomplishment as it represents Evolving Solutions’ sales performance with Qwest and continued delivery of Qwest services as we move forward into 2010.” Cindy Ried, President, Evolving Solutions

The Qwest Business Partner Program held their Q.Marketplace Partner event January 13th and 14th in Denver, CO. More than 300 Qwest Business Partners attended this annual event. Partners were joined by over 150 Qwest employees who planned and implemented this noteworthy occasion. Qwest Business Partners had the opportunity to gain new insight on various Qwest products and services that will enable them to “Create Your Destiny” in 2010.

Evolving Solutions is headquartered in Omaha, NE and is a leading-edge consulting company providing voice and data consulting to thousands of companies throughout the U.S. and internationally. Evolving Solutions has six branch offices including ESI of MN based in ST. Paul, MN specializing in professional services, consulting, and voice and data network services. ESI of KS based out of Greenwood, MO, ESI of IA/SD based out of the Dakota Dunes, SD, ESI of SW MO-Ark based of Springfield, MO, ESI of MO-IL based out of St. Louis, MO and ESI of IA based out of Des Moines, IA. Each of the branch offices have over 20 years of experience in the voice and data consulting industry and bring state-of-the-art communication technology along with high-level services to companies of all sizes.

In addition, Evolving Solutions offers over 150 partners throughout the U.S. that specialize in many types of phone systems from digital to VoIP along with Cisco, cabling and wiring, data hosting, etc.

For more information on Evolving Solutions and the branch offices, please visit www.2evolvetech.com or call 866-933-2805.

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