118 Location Network: Earthlink Business Partners with 2Evolve

Earthlink Business Partners with 2Evolve to deliver 118 Location Network.

EarthLink, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK), a leading IP infrastructure and services company, today announced that Blue Beacon International, Inc., a leading truck wash company with locations throughout the United States and Canada, selected EarthLink Business™ to install its new nationwide MPLS network connecting 118 locations across 38 states.

Dependability, business continuity and network management were the key differentiators that sealed Blue Beacon’s decision to replace its Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) network with a private, secure MPLS network from EarthLink Business. 2Evolve, an EarthLink Business agent partner, introduced Blue Beacon to EarthLink Business and the companies worked together to develop a solution for Blue Beacon.

Blue Beacon’s new EarthLink Business MPLS network solution will transform the way the truck wash company communicates. Each Blue Beacon location utilizes a blend of ADSL, T-1 and cable to connect into a single managed MPLS network. The network supports mission-critical applications such as point-of-sale, email and file sharing. The network architecture was also configured for solid business continuity with failover support.

“One of our primary goals for our new network was building in reliability and disaster recovery capabilities,” said Jason Graves, Director of Corporate Operations for Blue Beacon. “We were impressed by the fact that EarthLink Business has a physical presence in our headquarters market in Salina, Kansas. EarthLink Business had the ability to directly connect to the existing fiber ring in our headquarters and engineer the ‘last mile’ connectivity over optical cable versus traditional copper facilities, which we considered a strong technology differentiator.”

Blue Beacon will also benefit from entrusting its network management to EarthLink Business, empowering key internal IT staff to focus on its company’s strategic issues. While network performance is accessible via the EarthLink account management portal, the EarthLink Business team will monitor and troubleshoot the entire Blue Beacon network across all of its locations.
“Blue Beacon is a terrific example of how an agent partner and EarthLink Business delivered outstanding value for the customer,” said JR Cook, EarthLink Business Vice President of Alternate Channels. “2Evolve was integral every step of the way, from making introductions to helping us understand Blue Beacon’s business priorities. We each brought unique strengths to the table, and worked together to develop a solution to deliver immediate benefits to Blue Beacon, with the capability to grow as its future communications needs evolve.”

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